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Being busy at work and spending my time at home with my beautiful daughter means very little time for blogging. Oh well. But here are two completely unrelated stories that you should read: Treasures Lost to Time :Shaquille O?Neal, already a… more »
Here is what I am reading... what are you reading?[Colin] Powell tells B.C. crowd he might vote for Obama:Colin Powell, the former Republican secretary of state, says he is not ruling out a vote for Barack Obama, the presumed Democratic nominee for… more »

Quick Links

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Blake will be live-blogging the Montana and South Dakota primaries this evening. Travelers Turn to Public Transit - Woohoo! Public transit usage us up! Why is Organizing Harder in the South? Running start: South Side fifth-grader up for… more »
Andrew Sullivan gives a clear answer to the question of what Obama has accomplished legislatively The 65,000-member Boilermakers endorse Obama. The momentum continues. Now we just wait for the Gore and Edwards endorsements! :) Greg Boyd has added… more »

More Linky Goodness

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It has been a long and busy week. Hmmm... as I write that, why do we say "long week?" The week has been just as long as any other week. The English language is odd... Anyway... in my busyness, I haven't had much time to write. But here are some… more »

Linky Goodness

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Random linkage: onehandclapping: Gender and Politics Greg Boyd: Subversion of Christianity - a call to Christian anarchy? Ezra Klein: Your World in Charts: Fair Tax Edition - again, the (un)Fair Tax is not a progressive tax. Dr Jim West,… more »
Random things you should read, because I don't have enough time to write about them: Talk Left: ABA Publishes Death Penalty Issue Ezra Klein: Vouchers? Dana Goldstein: The Progressive Case for Public School Choice Blue Christian on a Red… more »
I be reading. Lots o' things. Without time to talk about 'em. So here you go - this is what I be reading: On the Death Penalty and Crime: Atlanta Journal-Constitution: A Matter of Life or Death - 4 part series [hat tip Bradford Plumer] Judges… more »

Quick Links

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Run, Alan, Run!I'm all for Keyes wasting a good bit of conservative time, energy and money. My only regret is that in a field already crowded with the likes of Huckabee, Brownback, and Tancredo, he won't be able to suck more resources down the… more »


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Obama Attacked for Being Right About Afghanistan Interview With Robert Putnam: On Diversity, Megachurches, and Barack Obama - this is excellent. Prison > Homelessness more »

Some Links

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Public Defenders Perform Better Rwanda's Senate Votes to Abolish the Death Penalty Weekend wrap up - issues related to faith and progressive politics more »

Vacation Links

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I am on vacation this week, so I don't have a ton to say or the time to say it if I did. So here are some random links you really should take a look at: The Death Penalty Deterrence Myth: No Solid Evidence That Killing Stops The Killing - Cassy… more »

Some Links

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Jeralyn Merritt, from Talk Left, has some great thoughts on President Bush and his commutation of Scooter Libby's sentence: Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Bush. The NY Times has a great profile of Elizabeth Edwards: Perspective on Her Side, Mrs. Edwards… more »

Quick Links - Politics

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So quick links, posted without comment: Rahm's Moment:Rahm Emanuel plans to introduce an amendment (see details in the update below) to delete spending for Cheney's office on the ground that Cheney claims, when convenient, that the vice-president's… more »

Quick Links

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Lets see... some quick links: Bill O'Reilly and John McCain want to Preserve the ?white, Christian, male power structure.? The Religious Right isn't too happy with Bush, Cheney, and the newest Cheney having two mommies: Concerned Women for… more »

Quick Hits

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I have a lot to say, and not a lot of time. So here are some links on stories that I wish I had time to write about... A UCLA student was tasered in the school library, not for causing a disturbance or even resisting arrest. It was because he refused… more »

Some Quick Links

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I am working this morning, so here are a few quick links on religion and politics, all via Jesus Politics: Readers Write: The Growing Threat of Right-Wing Christians:Does faith have a role in politics? AlterNet readers react to an article about… more »

Quick Links

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What Is the Best Work of American Fiction of the Last 25 Years? The answer is Beloved, by Toni Morrison Why Abuja Won't Save Darfur, or why peace in Darfur is unlikely. Tax Cuts Benefit the Rich, from the Center on Budget and Policy… more »

Quick Links - 2/27/06

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Ezra has some great thoughts on poverty. The Bush Administration has lost their edge in national security issues:From a political perspective, President Bush's national security credentials have clearly been tarnished due to the outcry over [the… more »

Monday Quick Links

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Here is another round-up of some of the news from the weekend: Photograph Shows Lobbyist at Bush Meeting With Legislators:[The picture] leaves unanswered questions about how Mr. Abramoff and the tribal leader, whom he was trying to sign as a client,… more »

Monday Morning Quick Links

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There are always a lot of issues, articles, and stories that show up over the weekend that I often don't get a chance to talk about. So I am going to try to start a new category called Monday Morning Quick Links - giving several quick mentions of… more »