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Dorothy Day

Posted by Dave on 11/30/06  ~  Posted in: Religious Ravings, Non-violence, Poverty  ~  Send feedback »

The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each one of us?Today is the 26th anniversary of the death of Dorothy Day. Up until a few years ago, I had no clue who she was. I… more »

Court Says No

Posted by Dave on 11/22/06  ~  Posted in: Poverty  ~  Send feedback »

I wrote about the Las Vegas ban on feeding the homeless a couple of months ago. I was horrified about the ban then, and still am. But the good news is that a judge has thrown the ban out:A federal judge ruled Monday that the city cannot make it… more »

Flickr Fun

Posted by Dave on 11/18/06  ~  Posted in: Poverty  ~  Send feedback »

These are some pretty cool photos on Flickr. Take a look at the realities of the lives of the homeless. Some may make you smile, some may make you hurt. more »

(Red)emption - Reminder

Posted by Dave on 10/31/06  ~  Posted in: Poverty  ~  2 feedbacks »

Hey all...just a reminder about Mike Todd's (Red)emption Campaign. $10 is all we ask for. I have had over 1,000 hits since I posted about this last week. Just think if each of you would have sent in $10. about this on your blog. The… more »

Dangerous Cities

Posted by Dave on 10/30/06  ~  Posted in: Poverty  ~  Send feedback »

The annual study taking a look at the most dangerous cities in the country have been released. Here are this years "Top 4" (i.e. most dangerous): 1. St. Louis, MO 2. Detroit, MI 3. Flint, MI 4. Compton, CA The good news in this is that Camden,… more »

IMPORTANT - (Red)emption

Posted by Dave on 10/24/06  ~  Posted in: Poverty  ~  2 feedbacks »

Mike Todd is running a great campaign related to the Product (Red) Campaign. If you don't know about the Product (Red) Campaign, here is a summary from the Gap press release:(RED)'s primary objective is to engage the private sector in raising awareness… more »

The Working Poor

Posted by Dave on 09/05/06  ~  Posted in: Poverty, Inequality  ~  Send feedback »

More on the expensive lives of the working poor There is too much to summarize, to go read it. more »

Being Poor

Posted by Dave on 09/01/06  ~  Posted in: Poverty, Inequality  ~  Send feedback »

This was written a year ago right after Katrina, so this seems like a good time to have you read it again, or read it for the first time. Being Poor more »

Race or Class

Posted by Dave on 08/26/06  ~  Posted in: Poverty, Race Ravings, Inequality  ~  4 feedbacks »

If you had to choose one or the other, which would you say is a greater factor related to inequality in America - race or class? And if you would like, you could say gender or religion. I know...this is way too big of a question for a blog post. So… more »

Inequality Chatter

Posted by Dave on 08/21/06  ~  Posted in: Poverty, Economy  ~  Send feedback »

There is lots of talk about inequality resulting from the Paul Krugman article in the NY Times. It is behind the great wall of ripp-offs (i.e. NY Times Select), so I have not read it. Essentially Krugman says that politics/government policy… more »

Affirmative Action

Posted by Dave on 08/17/06  ~  Posted in: Poverty  ~  6 feedbacks »

Question for my readers. Would you support a form of affirmative action that assisted those from lower economic levels (in contrast to a system that assisted those minority races/ethnicities)? more »

Education - Part I: Tutoring

Posted by Dave on 08/16/06  ~  Posted in: Education, Poverty, Economy  ~  4 feedbacks »

This is Part I of an education series that I am going to be doing. I know this is long...but I hope you take the time to read it. It is worth it! I have been thinking a lot lately about my current job as a tutor. Next week I move to full-time, and I… more »

Poverty, Katrina, Race, and Class

Posted by Dave on 08/07/06  ~  Posted in: Poverty  ~  1 feedback »

Concentrated Poverty in New Orleans and Other American Cities:It has been close to a year since Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans, crippling one of the world's most distinctive cities. As the metropolis struggles to recover, national attention… more »

Orlando: No Homeless Meals

Posted by Dave on 07/26/06  ~  Posted in: Social Justice Ravings, Poverty  ~  8 feedbacks »

Meals for the homeless banned at Lake Eola:Despite dozens of people who spoke against it, Orlando city commissioners voted 5-2 for a new ordinance that restricts feeding the homeless in downtown parks. The city will provide another location -- but it's… more »


Posted by Dave on 07/22/06  ~  Posted in: Poverty  ~  2 feedbacks »

Las Vegas is criminalizing feeding the homeless. Las Vegas makes it illegal to feed homeless people in parks This is an outrage. more »

Expensive to be Poor

Posted by Dave on 07/21/06  ~  Posted in: Poverty  ~  6 feedbacks »

Study Documents 'Ghetto Tax' Being Paid by the Urban Poor:Drivers from low-income neighborhoods of New York, Hartford and Baltimore, insuring identical cars and with the same driving records as those from middle-class neighborhoods, paid $400 more on… more »

Homeless World Cup

Posted by Dave on 07/16/06  ~  Posted in: Sports Ravings, Poverty  ~  Send feedback »

This is really cool... 2006 Homeless World Cup:48 countries and 500 players are on their way to Cape Town to kick off global poverty and change their lives forever. The historic Grand Parade, site of Nelson Mandela's release, will play host to this… more »

Solving Poverty

Posted by Dave on 06/23/06  ~  Posted in: Political Ravings, Poverty  ~  Send feedback »

John Edwards says that he can do it. Ezra was there to listen, and then report. This guy is good...and could just be our next President. more »

The Swimming Gap

Posted by Dave on 06/22/06  ~  Posted in: Social Justice Ravings, Poverty, Race Ravings  ~  5 feedbacks »

Take a look at The Swimming Gap, looking at the gap between blacks and whites in the context of learning how to swim and drowning. Zuzu takes a great look at the gap and privilege. I have been thinking a lot about this lately as several people have… more »

Pope, Darfur, and Hunger

Posted by Dave on 05/22/06  ~  Posted in: Religious Ravings, Poverty, Genocide in Darfur  ~  1 feedback »

Pope calls for swift action to end Darfur hunger I really have a love/hate relationship with the Pope. Well...not really hate, but a dislike. But today the relationship falls on the love side. more »

Damn Communists

Posted by Dave on 05/22/06  ~  Posted in: Social Justice Ravings, Poverty  ~  4 feedbacks »

"When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist." From Dom Helder Camara [hat tip sIGNS oF tHE kINGDOM] more »

Time to think...

Posted by Dave on 04/07/06  ~  Posted in: Social Justice Ravings, Poverty  ~  1 feedback »

Think about it... There can be no peace as long as there is grinding poverty, social injustice, inequality, oppression, environmental degradation, and as long as the weak and small continue to be trodden by the mighty and powerful. - Tenzin… more »

Camden Photos

Posted by Dave on 04/05/06  ~  Posted in: Poverty  ~  Send feedback »

Someone has done a great job documenting Camden through photos. If you are at all interested in seeing where I spent the last few days, check out this link. Click on "ENTER CAMDEN, NJ DATABASE." Click through some of the pictures. The Camden… more »

Child Poverty

Posted by Dave on 04/03/06  ~  Posted in: Poverty  ~  2 feedbacks »

Brad Plumer, at Mother Jones, discusses child poverty: Well, over the past five years child poverty in the country has dropped 17 percent?below the government's target, sure, but still pretty dramatic. Over the same time period, child poverty in the… more »

Think about it

Posted by Dave on 03/07/06  ~  Posted in: Poverty  ~  Send feedback »

How often do you think about poverty? And how often do you really think about what it means to be poor, even in the United States. Watch this...and think about it. [hat tip Bart Campolo] more »

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