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Memorial Day

Posted by Dave on 05/26/08  ~  Posted in: Non-violence  ~  Send feedback »

Can we please start taking the serious the idea that honoring the troops can, and should, mean bringing them home? Over 4,000 US soldiers have died in Iraq (more than 500 more than where we were last Memorial Day). Over 30,000 US soldiers have been… more »
Hmm... looks like I have not blogged much lately, eh? Life happens, I guess. A few things I have been meaning to write about: Obama wins Oregon, Clinton wins Kentucky, and nothing in the race changes. Exciting, eh? Did you know John McCain is… more »

Condi Rice: No guns

Posted by Dave on 04/25/08  ~  Posted in: Non-violence  ~  4 feedbacks »

Condoleeza Rice, what any democratic state would insist upon:But clearly, the prime minister has laid down some ground rules which any functioning democratic state would insist upon, having to do with, you know, arms belonging to the state, not to --… more »

Happy Military Day

Posted by Dave on 04/15/08  ~  Posted in: Non-violence  ~  13 feedbacks »

Most people think that today, April 15th, is Tax Day. And I guess it is. But I call it Military Day. Why? Take a look at this chart, from here:Yup... over half the money I just sent to the Federal Government goes to wars, weapons development,… more »

Romero, 28 years ago

Posted by Dave on 03/24/08  ~  Posted in: Non-violence  ~  Send feedback »

28 years ago today, Oscar Romero was gunned down just after giving a homily in his church. Romero was the archbishop of San Salvador in a time of great injustice, great violence, and great oppression:As archbishop, he witnessed ongoing violations of… more »

Five Long Years

Posted by Dave on 03/19/08  ~  Posted in: Foreign Affairs, Non-violence, Patriotism and the Nation State  ~  1 feedback »

Five very long years ago, the war in Iraq started. I had not even started blogging at this point. We have had five years of this awful war - tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people dead, hundreds of thousands of people injured, billions of… more »

The Cost of War

Posted by Dave on 02/27/08  ~  Posted in: Theological Ravings, Foreign Affairs, Non-violence  ~  Send feedback »

From God's Politics: The Cost of War:A special series on the 5th anniversary of the Iraq War more »


Posted by Dave on 12/11/07  ~  Posted in: Non-violence, Campaign 2008  ~  Send feedback »

Hmmm... SODaPop:Seasons of Discontent: a Presidential Occupation Project (SODaPOP) wants to make sure the national spotlight is also on the hearts and minds of the American people as well as these candidates. SODaPOP will take this opportunity to… more »
Random things you should read, because I don't have enough time to write about them: Talk Left: ABA Publishes Death Penalty Issue Ezra Klein: Vouchers? Dana Goldstein: The Progressive Case for Public School Choice Blue Christian on a Red… more »
Don't forget to register for Cynicism and Hope!!!! What is Cynicism and Hope, you ask? Well... thanks for asking! Cynicism and Hope is a place for frustrated, justice-minded Christians who, like me (and possible you), feel trapped by the current… more »

Love thy enemy-Soldier Gets Discharge

Posted by Dave on 10/17/07  ~  Posted in: Non-violence  ~  1 feedback »

"Love thy enemy" -- U.S. soldier gets discharge:A U.S. soldier who said his Christian beliefs compelled him to love his enemies, not kill them, has been granted conscientious objector status and honorably discharged, a civil liberties group said on… more »

Hauerwas and Abortion

Posted by Dave on 09/17/07  ~  Posted in: Non-violence, Pro-Life  ~  1 feedback »

Abortion: Theologically Understood An interesting article, posted without comment. Though I did particularly like this, which came out in the question and answer section:The church is not nearly at the point where she can concern herself with what… more »

Thoughts from Wallis

Posted by Dave on 09/14/07  ~  Posted in: Theological Ravings, Non-violence  ~  Send feedback »

The Global Church and America's War:But let's turn from politics to theology and ecclesiology. The vitriol against Christian Iraq war dissenters from the handful of neocon war promoters who regularly clog the comments to this site forget both. Both the… more »

Patriot Day and Camden 28

Posted by Dave on 09/12/07  ~  Posted in: Non-violence, Patriotism and the Nation State  ~  Send feedback »

Shane has a great post on the conection between his Patriot Day and watching Camden 28. more »

Camden 28 - Tonight!!!

Posted by Dave on 09/11/07  ~  Posted in: Non-violence  ~  1 feedback »

THE CAMDEN 28 will air this Tuesday (September 11th) on the PBS series, P.O.V.!!! This is a powerful movie that I have talked about before. It is an amazing look at how faith compels social action, even when it means the possibility of arrest. Go… more »
What Jesus renounced is not first of all violence, but rather the compulsiveness of purpose that leads the strong to violate the dignity of others. The point is not that one can attain all of one?s legitimate ends without using violent means. It is… more »

The Prince of Peace - God of War

Posted by Dave on 08/25/07  ~  Posted in: Non-violence  ~  Send feedback »

I cannot wait to see this - The Prince of Peace - God of War: [youtube]47PchLT0iV0[/youtube] more »

Damn, that's good wine.

Posted by Dave on 07/17/07  ~  Posted in: Non-violence  ~  Send feedback »

Can we file this under creative non-violence? Responding to a violent crime with a glass of wine? :) A Gate-Crasher's Change of Heart:A grand feast of marinated steaks and jumbo shrimp was winding down, and a group of friends was sitting on the back… more »

Morality of Abortion

Posted by Dave on 07/13/07  ~  Posted in: Non-violence, Pro-Life  ~  24 feedbacks »

I am going to steal this from Lean Left, as I find it to be an interesting topic that could lead to some interesting discussion. Consider these two propositions: A woman who is unable and/or unwilling to properly care for a child should not have a… more »

4th of July

Posted by Dave on 07/04/07  ~  Posted in: Non-violence, Patriotism and the Nation State  ~  Send feedback »

Do I forsake all forms of patriotism, failing to acknowledge that we as a people are better off because of the sacrifices that were made in World War II? To this I can only answer, 'Yes,'--Stanley Hauerwas-- No... I do not hate America. I just refuse… more »


Posted by Dave on 07/02/07  ~  Posted in: Non-violence  ~  Send feedback »

Ugh... How can you be a Christian and believe in peace? more »
My friend Tim has a great post at Young Anabaptist Radicals asking this: Are blogging and cynicism starving the peace movement? This post hits home for me. But the important thing is that it doesn't mean we stop talking about things on blogs. It… more »


Posted by Dave on 05/30/07  ~  Posted in: Foreign Affairs, Non-violence  ~  Send feedback »

U.S. ranks 96 in new peace index:There'll no doubt be some violent debates over a new peace index just released today. In a new global ranking of the world's most peaceful countries, the U.S. ranked at 96, just beating out Iran which came in at 97.… more »

"I won't testify"

Posted by Dave on 05/25/07  ~  Posted in: Capital Punishment, Non-violence  ~  1 feedback »

James Loney: "I won't testify against my abductors" [hat tip God's Politics]:I cannot participate in a judicial process where the prospects of a fair trial are negligible, and more crucially, where the death penalty is a possibility. The death penalty… more »

Christian Peace Witness for Iraq - Video

Posted by Dave on 03/21/07  ~  Posted in: Non-violence  ~  Send feedback »

Go to watch streaming video of Friday night's Christian Peace Witness for Iraq service. more »

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